Brand: INDIGOS UG® Colour: 16 Colours Material: Vinyl Size: 36 x 7 mm Recommended uses for product: Labelling pens, pencil cases, rulers, and various items for children, school, nursery, office, Kindertagesstätte (KITA), and Altenheim (nursing home). About this item: Set of 10-300 name stickers for labelling various items. Made from self-adhesive vinyl, perfect for labelling pens, pencil cases, rulers, and more. Suitable for use in schools, nurseries, offices, Kindertagesstätte (KITA), and Altenheim (nursing homes). Available in 16 colours for personalization and easy identification. Organize and label your belongings with these practical name stickers.

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Size: Klein (Small) Material: Polyvinyl Chloride Brand: INDIGOS UG Finish type: Laminated Shape: Rectangular About this item:

  • High quality: The name stickers from Indigos UG are self-adhesive and known for their durability and high quality. The stickers are laminated, contour-cut, and UV-resistant. The pack includes up to 300 pieces in 16 different colours.
  • Individually designable: You can personalize these stickers with your name or text. Simply click on the yellow button “Customise now” and enter your desired text.
  • Versatile: These stickers can be attached to various surfaces such as cups, pencil cases, satchels, rulers, windows, cars, and more. They are not limited to children’s motifs, making them suitable for adults as well.
  • Can be used in various settings: Whether in the office, sports, home office, work, or other areas, these stickers serve many purposes. They can be used for labeling bicycles, personal belongings, school items, office supplies, kitas, elderly homes, senior homes, and care homes.
  • Laminated, contour-cut, UV-resistant: These stickers are not only durable but also help you identify your personal belongings. They are perfect for school, sports, and marking various items.

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