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Brand: CSL-Computer Colour: Black Special Feature: Non-slip Recommended Uses for Product: Gaming Material: Rubber About this item: Model Name: Titanwolf XXL Speed Gaming Mousepad. Design: Lava | 303309 Usage: The Titanwolf XXL Speed Gaming Mousepad represents the next generation of precision gaming and is designed especially for gamers who value speed, precision, and comfort! Titanwolf – To run with the wolves, you must howl with the wolves. Titanwolf is your perfect companion when things get tough on the battlefield. It’s one of the new brands by Ganz Einfach GmbH. Be well-prepared for your next gaming session. Whether it’s shooters, MMORPGs, or RTS games – with Titanwolf products, you’ll always be the MVP. Perfectly combinable with the Titanwolf – 16400 dpi USB Gaming Laser Mouse: Discover other products from the gaming range of the Titanwolf brand. The mousepad can be cleaned with warm water and can even be machine-washed at 30-40°. | Mousepad dimensions: 900 x 400 x 3mm | Weight: 610g | Colour: Black | Material: Textile surface / Rubberized underside (non-slip) | Package contents: Titanwolf XXL Speed Gaming Mousepad.


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