Spraytive, 400 ml Power Compressed Air Duster / Compressed Air Cleaner with a 100 mm Spray Extension, Compressed Air from a Can, for Cleaning Keyboards, PCs / Computers, Cameras – Made in Germany” “Spraytive, 400 ml Power Compressed Air Duster / Compressed Air Cleaner med en 100 mm sprayforlænger, Komprimeret luft fra en dåse, til rengøring af tastaturer, PC’er / computere, kameraer – Lavet i Tyskland

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Brand: Spraytive Item Volume: 400 Millilitres Number of Pieces: 1

About this item:

  • Reliably removes dirt and dust in hard-to-reach places. Very gentle, as cleaning with the air pressure spray is touchless.
  • Includes 2 spray heads for broad and narrow application. With the precise 100 mm long spray nozzle extension, it is possible to clean hard-to-reach places.
  • Allows precise spray control for sensitive devices. Ideal for cleaning PCs, computers, keyboards, cameras, mobile phones, printers, fax machines, TVs, monitors, sewing machines, and many other devices.
  • Used for residue-free application, use the air duster upright. This way, only “air” will come out of the can, and you will achieve optimal results.
  • For best results. Made in Germany. › See more product details.

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